getting credit from a misrepresented offer...

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14-12-2006 12:26:39

Alright, here's the story.

so I complete the Silkies "sclupz shorts" or whatever it's called on one of the Trainn sites. It says on the Trainn site that it typically credits instantly.. so I was like... good deal! Easy enough.

No confirmation email. No credit. I've called probably 5 times and talked to their customer service- who all tell me that it can take between 2 - 8 weeks for me to be processed into their computer systems. I ask, can I just cancel the whole thing? No they say... because I'm not even in the computer yet.

Well... my bank statement the other night showed that the charge from them was pending- but now it's gone. I don't understand that either.

Should I apply for credit on the Trainn site? I looked at it already and it explains that they won't even look at it without a confirmation email... but Silkies doesn't SEND a confirmation email- I confirmed this with their customer service.


Should I just call it a loss and do another offer? Good thing my trading parter is so patient, my patience is running out! Has anyone had experience with this kind of thing?


UniPrize Media

14-12-2006 15:02:16

If the charge didn't go through then I don't think you have a chance of getting credit for it bc. the advertiser will no pay Trainn for offers that are not completed. Good luck!



14-12-2006 16:18:32

but the charge may comeback in 2-8 weeks. I would just to another offer...


15-12-2006 11:49:01

an alternative is to ask them to send u a confirmation email when you show up on their computer system. you could always ask trainn what you should do.