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13-12-2006 13:57:07

Hi, I'm new to Fushion Cash and I have a question regarding referrals. Are you only allowed to refer your friends or can you advertise on sites to get people to sign up? I've been reading in other people's posts about fraudulent referrals and I guess I'm not sure what that is. I would really appreciate any help and am looking forward to getting some free cash!!!

UniPrize Media

14-12-2006 15:12:41

You can definitely advertise on sites. Fraudulent referrals are usually people who refer themselves under different names trying to cash in on the referral bonus. Other than that you are free to advertise on sites, forums and other things. One thing you have to be careful about is spamming. You should send in a support ticket and ask them if they have restrictions on how their site is advertised by members. Good luck!



14-12-2006 15:21:24

You are still responsible for the quality of your leads, however, particularly on FusionCash. If you get an abnormally large number of fraudulent or bad referrals, FC can and will freeze your account.

As for what amounts to "abnormal" you'll have to ask Admin. I'm sure it's less of a fixed number, and more of a trend or pattern.