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12-12-2006 18:43:05

i signed up on OfferCentric for the ps3 and the xbox360.

i have over 17 ppl who signed up on the 360 site
and over 37 ppl who signed up on the ps3 site but only 1 on have gone green. is this normal it has been about 10 days for the ps3 site and about 6 days for the 360 site.

plus when i asked a friend to sign up there were only 5 offer left on the 360 site and only 13 offers left on the ps3 site. and when i signed up.

there were like 30 to 40 offers on each. why are there less offers

i really need to try to get this done soon. i want my kids to have a great christmas. tight on money and lost my job 3 weeks ago

oh well thats life if anyone can help me with my question

thank you

unknown uchiha

12-12-2006 18:46:08


1. No reflinks are allowed
2. You have to post this in the Trading Post if you want referrals
3. Search up "Offers of Doom" or "OODs" and you'll find out that OC lowers the # of offers available with each referral you obtain.


12-12-2006 18:47:58

sorry i will remove the links

so so does that mean ppl have signed up for a offer and i have not gotten the credit for it yet


12-12-2006 18:50:42

Yes, how did you get so many people signed up and just a few days. Im assuming you posted your reflink somewhere. If that is the case, most likely none of those refs will complete the offers because they probably signed up not knowing what it was and found out that they had to do an offer and refer people so they decided not to do it.


12-12-2006 18:59:05

i asked some of my friends to ask friends and they were told they had to sign up for a offer.

i dont understand if they signed up for a offer because my one friend said i only had 5 offers to choose from for the xbox 360. how come only 1 has gone green.


12-12-2006 19:03:15

the time for them to do green depends on which offer they did, some take up to 30 days. Some of the people may have not done the offers yet.