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07-12-2006 20:29:57


My girlfriend wants to get an iPod and I'm trying to figure out which site is best, ie reputable and is easy to find referrals for. took me a year and i've been working on getting ONE referral for getrewardz for ages. which site is EASY to find referrals for, and is reputable?

also, i'll prolly just use the results of this thread to get her started, so please let me know if you're willing to do a cash trade for whichever site you're recommending, or any other site. for example if you recommend flashipods 4 free do lemme know if you're willing to do it, or maybe you could even mention another site you'd be willing to take cash for.


UniPrize Media

07-12-2006 20:36:32

If you want to get refs really quick, you should go with new upcoming sites since a lot of people have not done them. Most networks are reputable, you just have to look and see if you like their total package. Good luck!

UniPrize Media