i gots a quick question

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03-12-2006 19:59:59


can freebie sites see your screen resolution/ browser?


03-12-2006 20:04:06

What does it matter?


03-12-2006 20:05:51

i just wanna know.


03-12-2006 20:08:07

They can probably see what browser you're using, if they're set up that way, but not your screen resolution.

Why do you want to know?


03-12-2006 20:10:38

Sometimes, freebie sites will put people and their refs on hold if they see certain patterns emerge.


all/majority of refs do same offer
they have similar passwords
patterns in usernames addresses/ account activites

and i was just wondering if they would put somebody on hold if all of their refs had the same screen resolution or browser. But before I started wondering about that, I wanted to see if they were able to see it (Screen res/browser) at all.


04-12-2006 03:32:12

You're not hearing voices too, are you? ;)


04-12-2006 04:25:19

I would do freebie sites only while wearing a tinfoil hat.

Of course they would use browser and screen resolution as unique identifiers to place someone on hold. I mean really, could there be that many people using IE @ 1024x768?