Signing up from a computer that has logged in?

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30-11-2006 07:21:38

So, a friend of mine is starting freebie sites... well, I have signed into a Freepay account I completed some time ago from the same computer/IP he will be signing up from, several times and was wondering if he should even bother signing up for Freepay. Will they disqualify him because of my logging into an existing account or is it safe for him to sign up?


30-11-2006 07:43:42

i would not do it at freepay. technically u would have more than one person using the same person which would be more than one account at the same address = violation of terms. even if u have a different IP now it would be fishy. conceivably you he could do sites on freepay that you did not sign into/do. not sure how that would be viewed as it would be two different names but NOT the same exact sites.
any other views?


30-11-2006 07:49:14

At limostli sites, to include Freepay AFAIK, checking accounts and signing up for accounts are two very different things. Unless there is a pattern to suggest fraud, checking different accounts from the same computer is not a concern. Now if the actual sign-up occurred from the same PC then it would likely be a problem.

Moreso, if your completed Freepay site is from some time ago and not very recent, then it would be difficult to show fraud. Residential broadband accounts tend to change IP's anywhere from every few days, to every few months, to every time power is cycled on the modem, so it would probably be unlikely that the IP was still the same anyway.

All that said, if it makes you feel better, pre-emptive honesty is usually your best policy. Open a ticket and ask Freepay, preferably libeforeli he signs up from that PC.


30-11-2006 08:26:05

Hmmmm... I plan to ask Freepay as suggested, but I am a little confused by both of your responses so to specify the situation - I completed Freepay PCs earlier this year. It was quite some time ago and here recently, logged into my account from his computer to show him proof. I showed him the account, tracking info, etc... that's it. I didn't sign up. I may have logged in a few times to show others but neither of us has signed up from that computer.