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21-11-2006 17:16:09

Hey. I was just wondering if anyone knew when the free4every1 sites were going to start to green, or if you've already greened, now that everyone's been paid out. There's no sub-forum here, and A4F's down, so I decided to post here because I need Help! wink


22-11-2006 13:21:04

You want to know when they are "going to start to green." What does that mean?

I assume this should be in other freebie sites.


22-11-2006 14:41:57

They appear to be down right now.


27-11-2006 13:19:57

Free4every1 has been pretty good for me, I should be getting my Wii today or tomorrow...


27-11-2006 13:57:24

I signed up at mac.free4every1 and then after signing up at Wii.free4every1 in a trade that a Wii ($250) is only 19 refs at that site, but to get $250 PayPal at the mac.free4every1 site is 22 refs, or 20 for an 8gb nano, which also costs $250? I asked if I could just get a Wii for 19 refs or an XBOX 360 for 24 refs (that's how much it is at the 360.free4every1), or the PayPal substitute for the same amount.

Here are two support tickets

[quote07a1c8d0c2]On 11/9/2006 641 PM, you said
possible custom order?
hello- i saw at your wii site that it is 19 referrals. i would like a wii, and since i already have about half of the referrals needed for a wii, could i just get a wii from this site?

On 11/14/2006 420 PM, you said
or would it be possible to get an xbox360 for 24 refs since it is 24 at your 360.free4every1 site?

On 11/19/2006 933 PM, an admin said
No this is a site for mac.[/quote07a1c8d0c2]


[quote07a1c8d0c2]On 11/20/2006 414 PM, you said
payout differentials
why is it 22 referrals for $250 paypal at this site, but only 19 referrals for a Wii at your wii.free4every1, which also retails for $250?

On 11/21/2006 204 PM, an admin said
Bcause Thats how I want it. LOL.

On 11/22/2006 836 PM, you said could i get $250 paypal here for 19 referrals?

On 11/22/2006 946 PM, an admin said

? talk about great customer service.