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20-11-2006 15:32:15

how do you put that thingy that ppl have in there sigs thats like a box and shows your refferals and the item they're trying to get? thxx.

unknown uchiha

20-11-2006 15:35:56


Goto the site you're working on and find out if they offer it.


20-11-2006 15:38:29

where would you look tho? like im using

unknown uchiha

20-11-2006 15:41:10

Then goto the site and find out for yourself. There are a lot of buttons to click.


20-11-2006 15:43:22

oo hahaha found it.. i guess thx? lol well i could have figured that out. i was being stupid. sry for that post.


20-11-2006 16:04:00

Ah it happens, one time I thought The FreeiPodGuide Forums Forum Index
was a typo. Sometimes, your brain just is non-functional.