Using Cash?

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15-11-2006 17:13:43

I'd like to trade but I have no access to a CC at all. I don't have a paypal and can't get one either. Is it okay on this forum to mail cash? I know its not safe, but is it against the rules to do so?


15-11-2006 17:17:33

It's not against the rules (from my understanding)...but most likely no one is going to accept cash or check payments.


15-11-2006 17:35:04

I understand. Thanks for the reply.


15-11-2006 19:07:40

how old r u? There are plenty of ways to get a debit card at least from a bank for free.


16-11-2006 19:35:19

I've done a trade for actuall cash. Thankfully it worked fine, but I would highly recommend you send a money order instead to be safe.


16-11-2006 19:48:59

i would not use cash. so easy for someone to say they didnt get it


16-11-2006 19:59:01

If you don't have PayPal/debit card to pay someone, pay with a money order, definitely.


16-11-2006 21:44:53

yea, money orders are very safe. I mailed off over 1k of money orders yesterday for my friends ebay auctions.


17-11-2006 04:21:46

Yeah I've used money order before. I don't know why I didn't think of that sooner. I'll post in the trade section to see if anyone is willing to do this.