Another I-Deal thread :(

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10-11-2006 13:28:02

I have signed up for the free krzr. Some of the offers I did, like real pro or real broadband (one of those) and cosmetique, don't even show up as pending offers. I'm not sure if they will eventually show up, or won't at all???

Also, I want to cancel my subscription to some of these sites before my trial period is over. Will this mess up the offers showing up eventually as pending, or being approved?


10-11-2006 13:45:37

We don't discuss cancellations here.

If an offer has not shown as pending within about 15 minutes of clicking on it, then it won't and you won't receive credit for it. Check your cookie and popup settings -- you must leave your browser wide open for cookies and popups when completing any freebie sites.

Check the I-Deal FAQ stickied in the DIY section for more tips on how to maximize crediting with I-Deal.