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08-11-2006 00:29:21

hi can't believe i'm still a noob at this crap lol but yea..uhm...

my question is

1) if i want to solely do one or two offers, how much should i put on my gift card? is $20 dollars CANADIAN enough? i haven't seen many offers around since i got my free ipod over half a year ago so maybe there are some new offers?
i'm doing, so what are some good offers there?

3) Lastly, if i made an account on, and i didn't do an offer yet, is it too late to make a new account signed up based on someones referral?

4) its been over half a year since i've done an offer like, or something like that, can i re-do that offer? on my same computer, which i did half a year ago? or whats done is done? because i do have a new gift card yea....

thanks guys <3


08-11-2006 08:00:37

1. i suggest that you do not mislead the advertisers by only putting enough for the trial and not the monthly fee for whatever offer you do. remember that you are supposed to be only doing offers that you are interested in...
2. i would do the credit card offers. then u can use those to do offers, plus u get free gift cards from them! i know u are 16 but there should be one u can do and the earlier u build ur credit hte better
3. it is possible but i am unsure for his network, pm yourgiftsfree.
4. i am unsure about most advertisers want unique leads. i would say 6 mo is too early. there are tons of good offers left if u havent done them.
good luck!


08-11-2006 11:11:43

PM me for a new account if you have no offers done. Dont do the offers twice.


09-11-2006 16:13:56

why is it that on ygf, a DS lite is 4 referrals + your own, for 140 US item. whereas trainn has a paypal option of 250 cash for 5 refs? i better off justdoing that and buying a DS online and saving cash


09-11-2006 20:00:31

Because he made it that way... You don't have to use his site if you don't want to.


09-11-2006 20:04:19

YGF gets lower pay out than sites like Trainn or Freepay.


09-11-2006 20:36:38

oh ok. and obviously he didn't just "make it that" way cuz that would make no sense. i just wanted to know, because had i not known, i'd have a crappy feeling about the site thinking that i coulda gotten better elsewhere but this is fine now.