freencome?? Any advice on that?

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07-11-2006 23:43:12

I can't really find much on this company other than their website looks a lot like freepay. I'm doing the laptop offer and it needs 10 people to complete I'm half way there but i need to know if I'm wasting my time. HELPP

unknown uchiha

08-11-2006 00:01:02

It's Myspace spam. I highly doubt their legit. They recently opened (according to WHOIS) and I doubt they've sent jack shit.

Sorry to hear you've given them five refs D


08-11-2006 00:03:54

Oh that sucks. Oh it's whatever. it was just stupid trial things that i cancelled them all personally b4 anybody was charged. and none of those people were planning to finish it anyway. well I'm doing another site anyway.


08-11-2006 15:14:46

Didn't someone claim they got an item or payout from them recently? (Thought I saw something like that)


08-11-2006 15:19:26

yup, they are a scam, FGR can confirm it for you when he comes back around.


08-11-2006 15:49:56

search the forums.