No Credit Card Possible?

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06-11-2006 19:15:05

Is it possible to do these offers without a credit card or a debit card? I don't have access to either and I'm dying to do these offers. Is there any other alternatives?


06-11-2006 19:19:58

Yes, there are tons of non-credit card sites available! Big networks that offer them are ThisStuffIsFree, Free4Every1, and YourGiftsFree also has one. )


06-11-2006 19:22:25

^ wow fast reply. Thanks so much.


06-11-2006 21:44:14

yeah i am paying for thisxbox360gearisfree if u are interested. i may need one more 100.free4every1.
the no cc sites are great. keep in mind that u still cannot do an offer more than once