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05-11-2006 07:11:30

Anyone know if the admin for headphones.thefreeproject.com has AIM support?


05-11-2006 19:41:31

nope, but I know his cell phone, his home phone, his moms phone, and his address if you want it. They ripped me off and I've been buggin him with calls since last night

I don't want to give them out. But if you do a whois of thefreeproject , you'll get his cell phone and adress, then if you use the white pages, you can do a reverse address lookup for his home phone.


05-11-2006 20:02:43

lol I am not pissed off at them. Just wanted to ask some stuff.


05-11-2006 20:29:11

oh, yea, I got his aim from a fellow FiPG-er but he's on once a month or so, and won't respond anyway. But yea, to answer your question, no aim support, lol.