Anyone been credited for Real Broadband?

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03-11-2006 19:25:37

Hello Everyone,
I signed up for the Real Broadband free 14 day trial on YGF. It says it is an instant credit offer but I havent been awarded credit yet. Someone else told me they recall signing up for Real Broadband and never being credited. I rec'd my conf email from real broadband and everything.
Has anyone else out their either successfullt rec'd credit or had similiar experience im having? Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks for your input..ailenanne


03-11-2006 20:51:03

It took a day or 2 on giftmonkey


04-11-2006 12:50:51

I got credit in two days on giftmonkey. Though I know others have had problems with this offer on other sites. You may have to wait for manual credit.


06-11-2006 06:56:54

I got credit for it on the I-Deal DOYD site. Nothing is instant with I-Deal though, it took the full 7 days.

unknown uchiha

06-11-2006 11:24:51

When I did that offer about a year back, I never got credited for it. This was on a GiftFiesta site.


06-11-2006 12:56:01

Yes, on GiftMonkey it took a couple of days.


06-11-2006 13:43:20

Hooray! She was credited. ^_^