The Beginner`s Guide To Freebies

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02-11-2006 11:18:55

[b6eb7ed6300][u6eb7ed6300]The Beginner`s Guide To Freebies[/u6eb7ed6300][/b6eb7ed6300][/color6eb7ed6300][/size6eb7ed6300]

[u6eb7ed6300][b6eb7ed6300]What are Freebie Websites?[/b6eb7ed6300][/u6eb7ed6300]
Freebie websites are websites that offer rewards to people for completing the requirements for a reward. The requirements usually include

1. Signing up and creating an account with the freebie site.
2. Completing the required number of offers.
3. Getting the required number of referrals.

Rewards may include gaming consoles, iPods or other mp3 players, laptops, televisions, gift cards, paypal, and anything else you can think of. Once the steps have been completed, freebie sites will check a user's account to make sure all of the steps have been completed appropriately and legally (not fraudulently). Sometimes freebie sites may request further identification in the form of a government issued ID or billing statements. If a user's account has been checked thoroughly and is approved, the freebie site will reward the user with the freebie as a free gift of "thanks" for using their service. These freebies are shipped to the user's address for free, or in the case of electronic payments such as PayPal, they are sent virtually.

[u6eb7ed6300][b6eb7ed6300]How do Freebie Sites operate?[/b6eb7ed6300][/u6eb7ed6300]
Freebie sites make money to give away free gifts through incentivized advertising. This means that the freebie sites offer an incentive (a reward) to gain business. The goal of the freebie site is to have new customers click on advertisements and use or try the products being advertised. These are known as "offers". As a result of bringing new customers and business, the advertising company pays the free site a predetermined amount of money, such as $40 per offer completion.

For example,[=http//] gets paid $40 for Twon to complete an offer. They would then get another $240 for each of his 6 referrals to complete an offer ($40 x 6 = $240).[=http//] now has $280 and can afford to purchase and ship an iPod to Twon at an online rate, leaving some money leftover as profit.

Free sites generally make the bulk of their profits when users complete an offer and never complete the site (never receive the reward). This is because they gained money from the advertiser(s) for the userís offer completion, but did not have to turn around and purchase a free gift for the user.

Profits in the freebie industry are minimal, and are dependent upon the size of the user base and quality of the free site. Free sites that have few users will not be earning much money because few offers are being completed. Likewise, free sites that are of poor quality or ineffectively being managed will not be able to bring in a wide user base, thus limiting revenue.

[u6eb7ed6300][b6eb7ed6300]Signing up and creating an account with the freebie site.[/b6eb7ed6300][/u6eb7ed6300]
liFirst, make sure that you have the correct referral link. Double-check with the person you are signing up under to verify that you have the correct link. Not doing so may cause you to sign up under someone else... which will spell disaster later on.

liNext, make sure that when you navigate to the web page that it says "Referred by ____." Sometimes freebie sites do not show this, but when they do, you want to make sure it shows you were referred by the correct person.

liSign up with your REAL personal information. If you don't, you are committing fraud and will be disqualified from receiving your freebie. This information is used to ship your free gift to you, so make sure it's accurate.

liOnce you sign up, verify with your referrer that you are listed in his/her referral list. Sometimes it may take a few minutes, but if after a while you are not listed as his/her referral, check to make sure you signed up under that person correctly by opening a support ticket with the free site.

[u6eb7ed6300][b6eb7ed6300]Completing Offers[/b6eb7ed6300][/u6eb7ed6300]
After you have crested an account at the freebie site, you will be required to complete an advertisers' offer. You will see that there are many to choose from. It is very important that you are completing offers that are of actual interest to you. Completing an offer with the intent to cancel it after you have received credit is not allowed. Like I said, there are many to choose from so there are often multiple offers that you are interested in.

When signing up for an offer, you [b6eb7ed6300][u6eb7ed6300]MUST[/u6eb7ed6300][/b6eb7ed6300] us accurate information. This may include name, address, date of birth, phone number, and email address. Using false information is considered fraud and will disqualify you from receiving your reward. Also it should be noted that each offer may only be completed once. This means that if you sign up for Video Professor at[=http//] you may not sign up for it again at any other freebie site. If you do, this is also considered fraud and will disqualify you from receiving your reward.

Follow the following steps to maximize your chances of having you offers credit.

1 - Before logging into a site, ALWAYS clear your cookies. This is the MAIN problem regarding not getting credit. The offers are credited through the cookies. If you have not cleared your cookies, you may not receive credit as you should.

2 - My recommendation is to use Internet Explorer. Others have stated that Firefox works better. Other browsers have been known to cause problems with the crediting process.

3 - Always make sure your cookies are on the lowest security setting and allow pop ups.

4 - Temporarily disable your antivirus, spyware, firewalls, or ad checking software. These programs may interfere with the tracking cookie.

5 - This step is a personal preference. After you have completed an offer, you should receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided.

If an second (or third, or fourth) offer is required to be completed, I always wait until I have received that confirmation email before completing the next offer. Also, I leave all pages open for at least 5 minutes before going on to the next offer. When going on to the next offer, I start at step 1 again.

If you do not get credit, you need to understand that it is NOT the fault of the freebie website. When you do an offer, if you don't get credit, it is because something on your end did not go correctly. That is why it is VITAL to make sure the above things are done, otherwise you are seriously risking your chances of not getting credit.

[u6eb7ed6300][b6eb7ed6300]What do we do here at[/b6eb7ed6300][/u6eb7ed6300]
Basically we this forum was created to help its users gain referrals and thus receive their rewards. There are many ways members gain referrals at FIPG. Firstly a member may offer you money to be their referral. And secondly, a member may offer to be your referral at a site if you are theirs.

When you agree to a referral for cash or referral for referral trade, FIPG has created a trade manager to help the process. The trade manager helps cut down on scamming. If someone offers to trade with you, but won't use the trade manager, I would be very careful. It is possible that this person is out to scam you.