Credit Card offer question - please reply

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30-10-2006 16:30:59


I received my iPod several months ago and now I have a friend who wants one. He is wondering if he does the credit card application offer and doesn't recieve the credit card (aka gets rejected) if that qualifies as completing the offer? He doesn't think his credit rating is good enough to get approved...


30-10-2006 16:32:38

No, you have to be approved and those offers take about a month to credit anyway so he'd be better off doing another offer.


30-10-2006 16:37:21

Any suggestions for which offer to complete?


30-10-2006 16:40:16

[quote3aa3a964b2="klos"]Any suggestions for which offer to complete?[/quote3aa3a964b2]

Show me a list. )


30-10-2006 16:41:03

If he does the Blockbuster offer, can he reduce the # of DVDs received per month (aka lower the cost) after the trial period? He has a legitimate interest in changing from NetFlix to BB.

Thanks guys.


30-10-2006 16:42:42


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30-10-2006 17:12:40

I would recommend Blockbuster or True. For Blockbuster, you can decide how many movies you want a month, you don't have to get any if you don't want to.


30-10-2006 17:14:04



30-10-2006 18:27:55


Why what? Why pick those offers? Well, both of them are good crediting and excellent offers to do. I still have Blockbuster and the crediting was perfect and I tried out True and the crediting was superb as well but unfortunately the service was not what I expected.


30-10-2006 18:36:45

Thanks JKirk for all the help.

One more question - can the order per-month be reduced? Or do I have to use the 17.99 service?

JKirk, your name wouldn't happen to be Jonathin Kirk, from MI, would it?


30-10-2006 18:39:33

[quotea7701b1091="klos"]Thanks JKirk for all the help.

One more question - can the order per-month be reduced? Or do I have to use the 17.99 service?

JKirk, your name wouldn't happen to be Jonathin Kirk, from MI, would it?[/quotea7701b1091]

I think you do have to pay the $18 service but you get two free rental coupons so you are practically making your money back that you would regularly spend at a Blockbuster if you visit often. No problem and no I live in West Virginia. 8)