Who is "WNT*REG.NET SW SALES 800-999-2734 CO"?

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30-10-2006 16:20:46

I just got charged $49.95 by this company today, anyone know what company this is? I looked through my past Paypal transactions and couldn't find a match since I assume this is a trial for an offer that i did.


30-10-2006 16:22:27

That's the eBay kit, FTW.

unknown uchiha

30-10-2006 16:33:23

Ouch. Harsh.

I didn't know eBay Kits charging you $50 meant win o_O


30-10-2006 16:41:15

[quote77ff53b57b="unknown uchiha"]Ouch. Harsh.

I didn't know eBay Kits charging you $50 meant win o_O[/quote77ff53b57b]

They give you ancient eBay secrets that are keys to success so of course it's a win.

unknown uchiha

30-10-2006 17:52:34

Ah, such as "buy low, sell high"



30-10-2006 18:25:03

Don't wanna be a dick but... http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=33436&start=40

I'm sure you just forgot though


30-10-2006 19:28:00

Oops, didn't know such a thread existed.

Thanks for the help anyways, what's funny is that I didn't even get credit for that offer when I did that offer on I-Deal.


30-10-2006 19:37:38

damn, whats messed up

unknown uchiha

30-10-2006 20:12:26

[quote236957c918="lethalphoenix"]damn, whats messed up[/quote236957c918]

What is?