What are those TVs?

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27-10-2006 08:45:06

What is the flatscreen TV that i see near the XBOX 360 display at Best Buy. i see it everywhere when i see people using it to play games. it's not a huge tv.


27-10-2006 10:19:30

I'm assuming Microsoft ships the same TV's with all of their kiosk units. The ones I see around here are small Samsung LCD's, like a 24" model I think.

If the bottom edge is angular (kinda triangular) with a circle about the size of a quarter, then it's a Samsung.


27-10-2006 11:05:05

this one
http//ps3media.ign.com/ps3/image/article/738/738858/playstation-3-hard-onhands-on-20061013102814248.jpg[" alt=""/img3e59ad0ff0]


27-10-2006 11:21:39

Or the TV shown here


27-10-2006 11:28:31

[quote3a52e889b7="mpbollywoodking"]this one
http//ps3media.ign.com/ps3/image/article/738/738858/playstation-3-hard-onhands-on-20061013102814248.jpg[" alt=""/img3a52e889b7][/quote3a52e889b7]

Looks like a samsung to me


27-10-2006 11:53:33

what kind though and is it good to buy for games?


27-10-2006 11:55:57

[quoteb66e2f4e3d="mpbollywoodking"]what kind though and is it good to buy for games?[/quoteb66e2f4e3d]

he gave you a brand and approximate size.... go to Samsung.com and find it. Next, search for reviews on that model #.


27-10-2006 12:28:07

Yeah, aside from the physical description I gave, the word SAMSUNG across the front there kinda gives it away too. ;) P


27-10-2006 12:35:52

Yeah but I mean, what kind is that 24" Samsung LCD Monitor?

That's all he's asking!


27-10-2006 16:59:11

i was asking more about is it good for gaming, because i SEE IT EVERYWHERE and i was wondering did anybody buy it


27-10-2006 19:00:28

you could always look at the back of the tv in the store to get the model #...'
then look for reviews online


27-10-2006 19:17:56

[quote5a652c13f7="jy3"]you could always look at the back of the tv in the store to get the model #...'
then look for reviews online[/quote5a652c13f7]

or he could go to samsung.com and find it


27-10-2006 20:45:12

[quote7ccb1e5d6a="CollidgeGraduit"][quote7ccb1e5d6a="jy3"]you could always look at the back of the tv in the store to get the model #...'
then look for reviews online[/quote7ccb1e5d6a]

or he could go to samsung.com and find it[/quote7ccb1e5d6a]
of course but if he sees it and likes it instore...just look there
or do both


27-10-2006 20:59:06


happy people?


27-10-2006 22:19:44

no, find a similar model that rca makes ;)


28-10-2006 06:34:35

[quoteaceb2a377f="jy3"]no, find a similar model that rca makes ;)[/quoteaceb2a377f]

and a panasonic... he / she is asking though if anyone has one for there take on its performance, not what it is....


28-10-2006 17:15:35

My friend has one of these and it is great. I prefer a big plasma though. I wish I could afford one. D


28-10-2006 21:40:10

I would assume that they're good since the reason they have them instore is to showcase games and gaming systems on.


29-10-2006 01:35:21

I've liked those Samsung LCD's from the first time I saw one.

Does anyone know how well this particular Samsung model works as a PC monitor?


29-10-2006 06:22:18

No TV works that well as a PC monitor, at least nowhere near as well as a dedicated monitor. You'll be limited to the resolutions supported by the TV, in this case 720p (you really don't want to do 1080i for desktop work, and many PC video cards/drivers can't do 1080i out of the VGA/DVI ports anyway, although some support it via component output). The large size + low resolutions means large pixels, i.e. very visible and resulting in a screen door effect with text unless you're sitting several feet from the monitor. It won't look good at the normal 1-2 foot monitor viewing distance when you're not playing games or watching TV.

I wouldn't recommend it for a stand-alone PC monitor. To use it as your HTPC's monitor, when it's mostly in TV mode and viewed from a distance, would be fine though.

unknown uchiha

30-10-2006 15:24:48

If I were looking for a TV/monitor to do a certain function on (TV, games, movies, etc.) I would definitely hit CNET for reviews on every appealing model first. I've been surprised time and time again how many "brand name" models get mediocre/crappy reviews.


30-10-2006 20:06:35

But unfortunately I don't put a lot of stock in CNET reviews, either. For some consumer electronics stuff they're okay, but when it comes to reviews that require some technical expertise/knowledge, they very often come up short. I've read some serious BS reviews on CNET before. So check CNET, but get a second opinion from a specialized technical journal/review site to back it up.