Trading with someone, Do I have to pay him now or wait?

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21-10-2006 12:09:04

Ok I am giving someone $7 to sign up at and he has 2 TR so I give him my link through the trade module and he goes first. Today he PM's me with this message

"OK ive signed up at nocc.ygf but which offers would you suggesT? i dont want to give my actual number or address?"

I responded telling him how he has to use his real information and how it is concidered fraud and how he will get banned from their sites if he doesn't. He is now green but I do not know if he used his real information or not. I am now wondering if it would be alright for me to pay him AFTER I get approved instead of right now because of this suspicion. I know I am supposed to pay him right when he greens, but would this be an exception?


21-10-2006 12:25:20

I guess my first question would be, have you asked him if it's okay if you paid him after approval?


21-10-2006 12:31:01

You could request YGF to check his account..


21-10-2006 13:36:18

no I haven't asked him yet. I guess I also could see what YGF says.


21-10-2006 14:57:42

If he didnt use his real info he will go on hold.


21-10-2006 15:17:32

We don't give TR for non-CC sites anyways...


21-10-2006 17:06:17

[quote942e83f0ba="Wolfeman"]We don't give TR for non-CC sites anyways...[/quote942e83f0ba]

i think he is more concerned about paying and losing it.
i would suggest that you ask him if he can wait until after approval since he suggested that he may fraud. u had signed up for the trade assuming that he would abide by the TOS of the site, he suggested otherwise. therefore even though he had assumed that you would pay him before approval, he being shady nixed that part of the deal...that is my opinion


21-10-2006 20:35:45

[quotecaed8e4470="Wolfeman"]We don't give TR for non-CC sites anyways...[/quotecaed8e4470]

I know, I always set up no-cc trades in the trade module but we never request TR at the end. It's just so it's through this site and everything is organized. But I just found this out. Here is what he just PM'd me. ( I don't really know if he would get banned across their network or FIPG, I was just trying to make sure he didn't use fake info )

What I wrote
you HAVE to use your real number and address. If you don't, they easily find out and your IP will be banned across their network and you will get banned from FIPG. So you have to use your real information. But any of the education ones are easy. Real information is a must! If you use false information that is concidered fraud.

What he wrote
whoops i might get banned then! i already did all that. however this is my work computer so it may not be such a big deal.

if i use my real number/address how much spam should i expect? phone spam that is of course

unknown uchiha

21-10-2006 20:44:48

Drop the guy. He's obviously off his rocker.


22-10-2006 06:30:47


But suggestion to him, takes care of all of your phone calls and the companies have millions of people signed up, they can't send out millions of envelopes, that's 100's of millions and billions of dollars in postage.