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20-10-2006 07:28:52

I'm trying to send money to someone, and this is what I read on their status

"This recipient is not yet registered. PayPal will send an email to the recipient explaining how to complete your transaction"

Is that worse than someone being UNVERIFIED?


20-10-2006 07:58:45

Who is it? Dont send it yet.


20-10-2006 08:12:23

It means that he doesn't have a paypal account yet.. When you send payment he will get an email. When he uses that link or makes a paypal account with that email id, he will have unverified status and also get that balance..


20-10-2006 09:23:50

[quote97438f2c12="YourGiftsFree"]Who is it? Dont send it yet.[/quote97438f2c12]

A user that i'm trading with


20-10-2006 18:07:04

i would wait until the email is registered with paypal.
should u send it beforehand he can say that someone else registered that email and that liheli never got the money


21-10-2006 09:19:14

Yes, this means the person is not registered with paypal yet. In order to claim that money an email will be sent to them and they have to register. This should serve as a red flag to you. Either the person gave you the wrong email addy, doesn't have a paypal account, or wants to get the best of you.