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19-10-2006 11:46:25

FreePay is the site my friend told me to use...

I work @ an internet company (http// and I have alot of traffic on my profile, so I figure I can get some people to help me get some stuff, esp since my ipod just broke!

My question is what is the easiest item to get for free?
something with less referrals necessary to get me started?

Is freepay the best site for doing so?

Thanks alot for any help... I know these questions are probably stupid, but I couldnt find a breakdown of which items require less referrals.



19-10-2006 11:52:58

Welcome to FiPG!

While Freepay is the most widely known freebie site that is probably single-handedly responsible for the freebie craze, they are not as reliable and responsive as they once were. There are numerous freebie networks that are much more popular with those of us "in the know."

Browse the forums for awhile, particularly the network-specific forums, but here are some specific suggestions. I'm sure other members will chime in with their own recommendations.

Trancsendent Innovations (Trainn) http//

YourGiftsFree (YGF) http//

OfferCentric (OC) http//

There are direct URL's to their different gift sites, but those are their main pages.


19-10-2006 12:01:00

Your easiest gift of any significance to get would be an ipod. More suspicially a nano is for the most part your best opition. Its owned by trainn wich I personally (and I am not alone on this) feel is the best freebie network. There payout ratio is $50/ref so a 4gb nano is olny four refs and an 8 is olny five. PM me if you need any further help.


19-10-2006 12:01:11

Hey, welcome to FiPG!

I am the owner of YourGiftsFree. We offer custom order so if you want something but we dont have a site for it its no problem, just sign up to one of the sites and select custom order! We also approve in one day and ship Mondays and Fridays.



19-10-2006 16:16:11

i third the vote for doing trainn. they are a wonderful network.
i would avoid freepay. offer centric has offers of doom for your last refs -> expensive offers to do so i avoid them but others like them
free4every1 is a no credit card network that seems good.
yourgiftsfree has a no cc site as well


19-10-2006 17:21:16

I have never had a problem with Trainn, I love YourGiftsFree, don't like OC.


19-10-2006 17:27:26

Trainn I've had bad crediting problems(Had to do only 3 out of the 11 offers I did on Trainn sites credited). On YourGiftsFree I've had no problems at all, plus they approve and ship amazingly fast. I suggest YourGiftsFree sites over any other sites if you need a real fast gift. If not I suggest RewardzNetwork(Which I happen to work for). They have a site called GetRewardz that pays $65/referral, but they ship out monthly ( If you want to do GetRewardz PM me, I'm paying $35 )