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17-10-2006 22:44:29

even though i've been a part of this for a year i'm still very new because i havent actively taken part. i signed onto freeipods in oct 2005 and am still waiting. then signed onto get4friends in june and even though i had no problems others claim they are having trouble in going green for me.

i need a site which has the minimum number of referrals like can anyone tell me any site like this which is OK in the US? and of course any non credit card sites with a minumum number of referrals would be nice as well. btw getrewardz has the offer which i did but ive forgotten how it was (long time ago). i think it took a long time to credit but besides that it was OK. is this generally a recommended offer? i didnt see it mentioned in the A4F main page.

actually ya know what, tell me if anyone is willing to do getrewardz for me. im trying to get my cousin to do it but if not i'll trade with anyone here.


17-10-2006 23:48:32

If you have already done, you can not do it again.

Anyways, some good sites with decent referal rates are
-Any sites by Trainn(usually $50 per referal)
-Any sites by TheFreeProject(usually $45 per referal - altho only ship 1 time a month, and somewhat sketchy)
-Any site by YourGiftsFree($40 per ref - very fast approval and shipping)
-Any site by Free4Me($40 per reft - fast approval and shipping)
-GiftsInn sites(new, but looks to be shipping very quickly, about $42 per ref)

Also, you mentioned GetRewardz, it is a great site, but the offers are weighted differently. While it does offer a about $65 per referal, offers that are normally full credit else where are only 1/2 credit there.


18-10-2006 00:43:44

thanks for the info

i wasnt looking to do again, i was wondering if i should refer it to anyone else. it did credit for me but i think it took its sweet time.

for the sites alkthough the profit per referral is also nice, the main thing im looking for is something which will allow you to cash out as soon as possible i.e. a minimum of referrals. even getting one referral and getting only $25-50 cash would be good enough for now.



19-10-2006 12:03:30


We approve same day and ship twice a week.


19-10-2006 13:17:59

Always trying to scam people YGF.


19-10-2006 15:17:32

[quotefef4694b44="tylerc"]Always trying to scam people YGF.[/quotefef4694b44]

Ok leave the sarcasm for the brag threads lol. The newbs who dont know mewill take you seriously.


19-10-2006 17:14:31