"FREE $25 ******** CARD!"

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11-10-2006 21:39:00

how exactly do these offers work billing wise? The ones where the asterisks are walmart, blockbuster, visa, gas, etc. They are from "today's escape" i believe. I've been thinking of signing up for them, but they always seem so sketch in a way

but thats just me...


11-10-2006 21:45:22

I am pretty sure you have to stay past the free trial to receive them.


11-10-2006 21:47:09

yeah but what exactly do you sign up for?

btw is there a page that has a bunch of info about all the offers so i dont have to ask questions like this?


12-10-2006 23:50:05

Yeah with those offers you have to stay pass the trial in order to get the gift card. There are some such as AutoVantage, Complete Home and a few others where you really do get the giftcard/rebate for just doing the trial. As far as the today's escapes and passporte to fun offers go I think they offer discount vacations and stuff like that but i'm not sure its been awhile. Anyway Scam.com is a good resource for offer information so is RateTheOffers.com


14-10-2006 05:12:35

as mentioned above...
also, remember that those are awesome programs. if you plan on getting people gifts for xmas, getting giftcards at 20% can make staying beyond that trial worth it.


20-10-2006 11:35:45

yeah and there not that easy to cancel

i had to stay on the phone for 10 minutes to explain to the person i didn't want the card anymore because i hated the service


20-10-2006 11:44:29

Passport to fun and todays escapes have GREAT customer service.. and the + versions are only $9.95 a month so it's well worth it to go past the trial and claim the $25 gift card.