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11-10-2006 21:35:53

I'm on a freebie site, theres a list of offers, and they are all the same. Would it be against the rules or offer fraud to sign up for something like video professor on two tiers?

the site i'm on is the OnlineGiftRewards

as a side note, how do you tell if a site is NUItech, I-Deal, etc?


11-10-2006 21:39:00

You mean sign up for Video Professor on one site, and then do it on another site?


11-10-2006 21:41:40

no, like the site i'm signed up for has a 3, 6, 9 setup, where you complete 3 offers, then 6, then 9.

All three of these pages have video professor, Carleton sheets, and the usual offers like that

can i do video professor on the page that requires 3 sheets, AND the page that requires 6?


11-10-2006 21:51:24

no. you can only do an offer once !


11-10-2006 21:55:01

oh ok

what about on different sites?


11-10-2006 21:57:34



11-10-2006 22:13:34

[quoteeaca59737e="keepitguilleaume"]oh ok

what about on different sites?[/quoteeaca59737e]

thats would be fraud.


11-10-2006 22:14:22

thats what i thought, cool thanks guys