Question about scholastic book club TOS

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10-10-2006 22:22:49

Hey, my mother is a teacher and was looking at signing up for the Disney scholastic book club to build up her library corner in school. We both took a look at the TOS, and we are kinda confused. Heres what it says

[quotedffe69a7c2]Join today and we'll enroll your child in DISNEY WONDERFUL WORLD OF READING and send the seven FREE storybooks shown and the FREE Backpack. We'llalso include Cars for a seven-day FREE preview. If not 100% satisfied,you may return Cars at Scholastic's expense within seven days and owe
Scholastic nothing. If you become a member by keeping Cars, pay just
$3.99 plus shipping and handling, which will be charged to your credit
card. Then, about every four weeks, you will receive shipments of three
books each on seven-day approval for only $3.99li per book. You may
examine every shipment for seven days, and return any book at
Scholastic's expense. After accepting as few as four shipments of three
books each, you may cancel at any time by following the instructions on
your invoice.[/quotedffe69a7c2]

At one point it says if you aren't satisfied, return the Cars book within seven days and owe nothing. Then towards the end, it says after accepting as few as four shipments of three books each, you may cancel at any time. This seems to contradict itself.

The best I can make of this is it means this if you return the Cars book, within 7 days you owe nothing. If you keep the books and become a member, you MUST accept 4 more shipments before you can terminate the agreement.

I don't really think this is a question about canceling, rather about understanding the TOS, but feel free to lock the topic if mods regard it as a topic about canceling.


10-10-2006 22:46:15

I think your assumption is correct. By accepting Cars and paying for it, you sign up for a minimum of 4 shipments. BTW I think Cars is a movie.


11-10-2006 04:20:10

I wish I could help, but I signed up last night and never got charged, lol

unknown uchiha

11-10-2006 14:15:52

No this is how it works

You get a 7 day trial of the program, if you like it then your autoship kicks in. If you don't like it, return the product and your autoship is cancelled. It's like Columbia House DVD.


11-10-2006 14:17:47

I got charged about $10 for each of the ones I did. I did the following for an i-Deal site

-Scholastic Veggie Tales
-Scholastic My First Steps
-Scholastic Baby's First Disney

One charged a little over $11, the others charged about $10. It took almost an entire day to get confirmation e-mails too.


13-10-2006 06:16:47

I did Scholastic Disney Book Club on ideal 2 days ago. It charged me $9, no credit yet. (Normal for I-deal I guess)