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09-10-2006 18:36:14

For Trading, can someone from one country deal with someone from another?



09-10-2006 18:39:31

Yes, if the site allows international members


09-10-2006 22:57:02

[quotef45c7d66b6="TryinToGetPaid"]Yes, if the site allows international members[/quotef45c7d66b6]

Just to expand on what TTGP said, you can trade with anyone you like from anywhere in the world, as long a the site that you are asking them to sign up for allows people from that country.

Also, you don't need Paypal to trade. All you need is something that someone else is interested in (although it can't be illegal, such as babies, animals, pirated software/music, explosives and tea). It just so happens that Paypal is the preferred method of payment around here. )

If you're interested in making some money, let me know. D


09-10-2006 23:09:58

Woah. We can't trade sites for babies?


09-10-2006 23:13:22

I've tried.

Admin must have some php hack installed. shrug


09-10-2006 23:17:01

Crap. Now I must use my 1337 h4x skills to get this baby for my last referral.


10-10-2006 00:15:10

lol, tea...oh god, i was definitely on the floor laughing after reading that 8)


10-10-2006 08:32:28

[quotedaf47d3c9f="TryinToGetPaid"]Woah. We can't trade sites for babies?[/quotedaf47d3c9f]

I've been in the wrong place this whole time.