Advice and recommendations for free laptop?

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09-10-2006 12:13:49

Hi; I've never actually filled a full trade site myself, but my boyfriend does a lot (he actually trades on the forums here, hope he doesn't come in the newbie page!!)

I'd really like to do a site for a free laptop for him as a secret for a Christmas present; he really needs one and he'd be so proud of me! I've been looking over the popular sites, but I feel a little lost. Does anyone have any recommendations for sites to get laptops? Has anyone had a good experience getting a laptop? I don't want to get scammed with a disreputable site or one with lots of OOD's. Also, any other advice or recommendations would be great; I know this is a big project for me to start on.

Any help would be great!!!


09-10-2006 12:25:20

first, welcome.

second, make sure that you do NOT do offers from the same address and computer as him. This will be a violation of all site TOS. technically if you live in the same house u cannot have two accounts. if u do not live together and he has not done offers/signed up for sites at your place you are golden. also do not use the same credit card.

third, I would suggest that you avoid freepay. they have 90 day limits now and those are hard to do.

4th, I would suggest two possible sites for you. Trainn is an excellent network with wonderful customer support and fair payout ratios. yourgiftsfree has been great to many on this board, though i have not used them myself. their site is down right now...

5th, you could do a few things to get your referrals/laptop. You can refer people or you can do the site yourself. trainn and yourgiftsfree have this option. You can trade referrals or you can just pay people to be your referral. You can also just have people pay you to be their referral and use that money to get a laptop.
plenty of things to do.
if you have any questions let me know. also, if you want to ease into hte trading world you can do some non-credit card completely free offers on the thisstuffisfree network (i need refs which is why i am saying this )
PM me if interested or if you have any questions. see the links in my sig


09-10-2006 14:51:17 is a popular site as well.


09-10-2006 16:13:24

oh yeah i had meant to mention ygf but didnt


09-10-2006 17:44:41

Stick with DIY's =) I-deal has a really good one!
6 offers + 1 ref will get ya a laptop valued over $1200 + an ipod =)


13-10-2006 13:49:53

What's I-deal? And what do other people think about DIY sites?


13-10-2006 13:55:35

i-Deal is a group of DIY sites.

If you can get on them before they up the requirements, and don't mind a bit of a wait, they might be your best bet.

NuiTech is great, you can get a $2k giftcard for 18 offers, so you could buy your boyfriend a really nice laptop and probably still have some cash to spare for yourself.


13-10-2006 13:59:14

GiftMonkey also has Laptops. PM me if you want to do.


14-10-2006 12:04:28

Also, you can use to browse through the freebie sites by the prizes they offer....