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08-10-2006 23:57:26

Hey, guys.

I haven't been around the freebie scene for quite some time now and was wondering what are some of the most top notch sites to this day so I can get back into the scene and score some extra cash / gadgets D


unknown uchiha

09-10-2006 01:04:55



09-10-2006 02:53:57

GiftMonkey, run by legit OC Network, You can get unlimited money, PM me.


09-10-2006 07:42:43

trainn is by far the best network

freepay is getting back on track, IMHO, but the 90 day limits are tough -> tough to get referrals

ygf seems good, although i still have yet to do an offer there )

thisstuffisfree is a good way to get back into the game, though the crediting is getting better it can still be spotty b/c not all offers send email confirmations

i avoid OC b/c of the OOD but giftmonkey seems promising

rewardbull was great but went to crap...supposedly getting better

freeproject is a great network


09-10-2006 10:20:56

Giftsinn looks promising. They have a wonderful design, great CS, and great crediting! For example, I was credited for Host Gator(an offer they have to check for manually) at 2AM on Saturday morning, a mere 20 minutes after I completed it! I didn't ask them to check it or anything, either!