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08-10-2006 16:15:14

Anyone try this offers, terms dont seem to clear on how they charge ur cc during the trial


10-10-2006 16:56:50



10-10-2006 17:27:43

I just did it for Trainn's YourFree360Games, not quite through the trial yet though.


10-10-2006 18:04:18

what was the 1st charge during the trial, 84 dollars or just a dollar for the 1st 30 days, like pending charge wise and how long did it take to green?


10-10-2006 18:09:20

$1, had to fill out a manual, so maybe 10 days or something.


10-10-2006 18:11:09

whats the offer like, doesnt really provide much info, terms were not clear at all and made it seem like i was gonna get a 84 dollar charge right away


11-10-2006 05:26:24

No. The terms were clear as far as I understood. The first 30 days are free. After that, they then charge you $84 either monthly or anually, I can't recall. But the first 30 days are free...and probably do that $1 authorization charge.


11-10-2006 13:11:45

It's a good offer