Hosting offer question(Host Gator)

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04-10-2006 19:33:03

Hey, I did not so long ago, I actually still am subscribed to them. Now I would like to try Host Gator out, and use the same domain I registered with Can I do this while I'm still subscribed to Gate? Would this cause any trouble?

I would really like to try Host Gator but I don't wanna get rid of Gate in case I end up liking it better.


04-10-2006 19:42:42

You would have to change the nameservers via to match the nameservers of HostGator, although I am unsure if allows you to do that. ?


05-10-2006 10:21:48

You can make an account with hostgator for the same domain and upload the files. However, the files you upload to hostgator would be visible only when you change your domains nameserver to hostgator. Otherwise you can use it as a backup service like if you have and two hosting a/cs at and upload same content to both and and put the following in nameservers

or vice versa

this way if goes down, site loads from

hope this helps.


05-10-2006 10:48:05

+ karma, thanks for the help bro