refurbished items

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04-10-2006 15:12:55

i see some people complaining about how freepay sends out refurbished items....i just wanna know...whats the big deal? is there any defects with them or all they all beat up? thank you


04-10-2006 18:16:25

Well, refurbished items are tested and in good working condition upon leaving the manufactoring company but you never know what's going to happen in the near future. The reason why people are so scared of refurbished electronics are because there was something originally wrong with them, so how are they supposed to know it won't happen again and how well the manufactoring company repaired it. So that's why people are angry about refurbished items, they feel like they are more likely to break or even be damaged upon arrival. As for FreePay, sending out refurbished items, I have not heard of this. The only network I've ever heard of sending out refurbished items was GetiPod4Free but I would definitely be pissed if FreePay tried to pull that on you.


04-10-2006 19:04:46

The real refurbs you should be afraid of, are the ones done by third parties. Refurbs done by the origial manufacturer are sometimes the same as a new model. Yet still, you'll never know the original reason why it became a refurb. This is why new is best.