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02-10-2006 00:14:03

so, i've been after a cellphone... i broke two of them three weeks ago in the same week... bad week that was... I have it narrowed to Helio Hero, Moto Q, or Moto RAZR.

so this site, i sign up, check out the first page of offers, the usual
second page, same

i know the helio only goes for about 250 dollars, but i mean, sign up for 8 offers, costing a total of 20 dollars MAXIMUM... i'd say thats pretty good
(EDIT oh it also comes with 1 year of service!!)

but is it too good? It looks like NUItech, but I'm pretty noobish to the freebie scene ?

also if you know, i can't find this anywhere, does it work with verizon or is Helio it's own little deal or what

any way you look at it, i'm buying this and either using it or selling it to buy a new phone P

unknown uchiha

02-10-2006 00:19:07

It's I-Deal Direct, you need 8 offers and one referral to do the same to qualify.

It's a shady network though people have been receiving their gifts.


02-10-2006 00:27:33

wait so i need a ref to sign up and do 8 offers too?!?!


but yea, i read that page about the major networks... I-Deal is a bit sketch ?

how do you tell if it's I-Deal, NUItech, etc?

damn, well any suggested cellphone sites?


02-10-2006 00:41:32

How is I-Tech sketchy?


02-10-2006 00:45:32

i guess sketch is definatelly the wrong word to use...

Network Name i-Deal Direct
Some Sites AmericanResearchPanel, FreeLuxuryWatch, ConsumerSavingCenter, e-ResearchGroup, etc.
Offers Inexpensive offers.
Crediting [b66849bd4d9]Poor, sometimes under 50%[/b66849bd4d9]
Shipping 6-8 weeks once approved
Total Time 2-3 months
Notes Most of their sites require one referral. They operate under shell companies such as Red Turtle Investments and Direct to Consumer Interactive.
Contact Information Hard to contact. No Phone number.
Location Chicago, IL

unknown uchiha

02-10-2006 00:54:52

Crediting just has a "system" to go through.


02-10-2006 22:44:33

...and theirs sucks?

unknown uchiha

02-10-2006 22:53:29

It's just "complicated".


16-10-2006 13:50:59


i am thinking of starting this site, i j ust got an ideal check for 900 bucks for doing the dell monitor site.... i read something in the terms tho on this site that for ever6 months, can only get 1000 bucks worth of free stuff from multiple gifts, or one gift for over 1000... im not sure if this is total from all i-deal sites, or per site.

anyway if you started this let me know what your status on it is, i wanna do the site, so i might be able to be your ref.


16-10-2006 14:01:43

dont u get free cell phones when you sign up for a service?
and if u have a service already there are easy ways to get out of it... look for a recent change in their terms and call and say u disagree with it...they have to let you out of the contract after they refuse to let u go on paying ur bill without agreeing to the new terms...


16-10-2006 14:56:12


this is true for the most part, but due to my current situation being stuck on sprint im in a bind, id like a new carrier, but i dont feel like being hassled with contract terms. sprint has the best contracts in terms of prices, but they suck at service and their phones suck. tmobile has a great new service plan out, but they dont discount them, at all. cingular i have heard bad things about, alltell im not interested in signing up for another wcdma network unless they give me everything for free (like this deal)... i could go prepay hmmm...

my solution? just get a free phone with a free 1 yr contract until i can figure it out.

i already read like 3000000000000000000000000000 threads about the new sprint changes to terms of service, so i know how to get out of their contract, not sure about other companies though because ive been on sprint for like 7 yrs.


08-11-2006 20:56:27

i signed up for this site waiting for two more offers to be approved its a 20 day site , and my refferals offers to approve

john ]


08-11-2006 21:16:55

[quote2339c6e47e="johnfurst"]i signed up for this site waiting for two more offers to be approved its a 20 day site , and my refferals offers to approve

john ][/quote2339c6e47e]

Good luck. 20 days if your lucky.


09-11-2006 15:02:32

IM APPROVED REF. Approved. Yippe. Waiting for confirmation email @ 4 in the morning to get email from site yipee. . . . .

helio hero gonna exchange for helio kickflip it looks cooler and awesome.

john ;]