question about someone signing up under me twice.

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28-09-2006 22:11:22

OK, here's my situation. Someone signed up for me for ps3.free4me a while back and never completed an offer. Then today, for some reason he decided to sign up under me again, and this time with a different email address, and he did complete the offers. Now should I be worried about him going red, or is it ok since he never completed any offers the first time?


28-09-2006 22:16:29

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28-09-2006 22:20:40

alrighty then. Good thing I caught that before I paid him. He's not going to be happy about that, I'm sure. Now, will that hurt me in any way?


28-09-2006 22:48:55

other than having no greens from that account, no

unknown uchiha

28-09-2006 23:17:05

Open up a support ticket and "explain the situation"?