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27-09-2006 07:05:52

We have been working to create a (new) website where people can find information on the freebie sites out there. The new site is http//www.ultimatefreebielist.net/ . On the site, the freebiee sites are sorted in several ways. You can browse by type (Referral, Do it Yourself, & Get Paid To), browse by prize, and browse by company. From then, you can select which site to view, and then you will be able to see the prizes that site offers, the requirements for those prizes, and the offers to choose from.

The list is nowhere near complete and we could definately use help compiling more information. If there is a site(s) that isnt on there, please email me at casakid06ATmailDOTcom with the info formatted as follows (in a text file or in the email body itself is fine). The most important part is the offers. Please format those exactly as it looks below (as I am just going to copy/paste the offer list straight into the site).


iPod Nano - 8 Referrals
80GB iPod - 12 referrals
$400 PayPal - 7 Referrals

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This is a 'B' Level offer.
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You will be credited within a few minutes(INSTANT CREDIT!)
Completing this offer counts as a 1/2 offer credit

The easiest way to get the offers is to copy all the offer information on any given page and then paste it into NotePad, which removes all the special formatting stuff and just leaves you with text. Then you make sure the offer title is the first line, the descriptions are the next lines, then the instructions, then the crediting time (and/or value). Once its pasted into NotePad, its usually already in the right order, it just needs to have some spaces deleted.

We built this site for the community and we would love your help in making it as useful as possible. Please email PM me with any questions/concerns/comments. Thanks!


27-09-2006 12:40:05

Dont forget True.com ;) hah


29-09-2006 09:44:36

LOL... so True.com has their own freebie site now?

unknown uchiha

29-09-2006 13:17:22

No. True.com is an offer.


30-09-2006 18:15:17

So what do yall think of the site?


01-10-2006 17:44:12

Why don't you pull the offers live from each site like once per day, maybe 3AM. It's really not that hard to log in and parse all the offers and have your DB updated. You seem to know enough to have coded your site so would think you have the capabilities. If not you could always make a thread and those of us that can code can do it collectively since it would actually make your site a great resource.

I had planned on making a resource site and doing that myself but just don't have the time.

It will save alot of updating, offers change so often it would be a ton of work to keep them up to date manually. Since it's alot of work it would prob end up getting out dated then cause your site credibility.

You can also do the prizes like that too so your always up to date on them as well.


01-10-2006 23:05:09

That is an interesting idea.... How could I go about doing that? I also had to manually format them (as shown above), and since each site does their offers a little different, i am not sure how to automate it... I would love help for coding that feature in....


14-10-2006 11:59:15

We have added a lot of new sites, so check it out...


04-01-2007 08:46:42