I dont believe this BULLSHIT **True.com***

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27-09-2006 00:10:35

I go and check my credit card statement online and I see a 16 dollar charge from True.com when i signed up 2 days ago, I also did Great Fun for somebody else inside the forums and again a 16 dollar charge was set by them.

Im going to try to call 2marrow to bite some heads off and try to get a refund but I forgot the date of birth ive put on the website when signing up for True.com. Either way i have all the other information but how ludicris is this, they say its free, you click on the FREE link, i got credit but still a 16 dollar charge.

Has anyone had something similar happen to them ?

unknown uchiha

27-09-2006 00:19:50

So, you

1. Put false info on True.com (Fraud)
2. Had no intention to try out the offers

By the way, are you sure these aren't processing charges that will go away?


27-09-2006 00:25:10

Read the Thread

i clicked on the FREE LINK and got charged 16 dollars

that seems like BIAT AND SWITCH to me ?

And yeah i wanted to try the offer, if not why would i sign up for it. Im not a cheater i just forgot to put my real age into the text box and the only reason im canceling is because of whats written above. So technically yes i do have the option to cancel because i was not satisfied in my " FREE TRIAL ".

Im not sure if thats how they conduct business by charging money ...

unknown uchiha

27-09-2006 00:47:35

You mean BAIT and switch?

I didn't read the Thread, I read the thread.

Well, you might want to try calling the companies up tomorrow and asking them about the charges. That's all I can say.


27-09-2006 02:54:53

Ask them if they can remember your birthday for you too roll