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21-09-2006 12:21:01

After reading all the newbie stuff I am still confused on how to start. I really don't wanna screwup. So here goes.
I have signed up for a psp at freepay and completed one offer(hasn't gone green yet but just completed yesterday) and now need 5 referrals. My question is really just how I should go about that without breaking any rules on this site not freepay's. Again, being this new I don't want to make a costly mistake when it comes to this forum.


unknown uchiha

21-09-2006 12:27:02

For starters you can post in the Trading Post board with a topic along the lines of "Need 5 PSPs.Freepay Refs" folowed by your method of getting referrals (Paying for referrals, trading for referrals, etc.)

Paying for referrals would go for about $20-$30 per referral x 5, or you could trade for referrals too since you haven't signed up for any other sites right?

You could trade referrals like this

You need PSPs.Freepay
User1 needs iPods.123StuffForFree

User1 has higher TR so you "green" for iPods.123 and then he/she will green for PSPs.Freepay

I suggest you trading with established TRs first so you won't get scammed easily. You might want to set rules like "Will only trade with 20+ TR members at the time being" or something like that.

Good luck!


21-09-2006 12:32:07

Thanks I will try that.


21-09-2006 14:19:11

I do have another question. I thought you could only sign up once for any given site. If someone has that high of a TR it is a good chance they have already signed up. How does that work?


21-09-2006 14:19:42

you can get a TR by paying people to do your site.


21-09-2006 14:29:40

and if they go 'red' they'll refund you and they'll get a temp ban (?)


21-09-2006 14:29:42

Maybe I asked it wrong. If I need referals for psps.freepay, I need to trade with someone who hasn't tried/completed that yet, right? Or can you do it again if you have completed your offers & referals and got your product?

saw last post after I posted this...sorry must have posted at same time


21-09-2006 15:25:52

you can only do a site once. only one account can be made per household as well so dont refer a housemate.
i did psps.freepay so i cant do it for ya.
i would suggest that after u do psps.freepay you switch to another kind of site as freepay and their 90 day limit make it hard to complete the site.
pm me for questions. i can get ya started if u want to do trainn 360 games for me for paypal. PM me if interested )


21-09-2006 15:34:01

so once I do psp.freepay, am I prohibited from doing any other freepay offer such as a laptop or xbox or am I just prohibited from doing another psp?

unknown uchiha

21-09-2006 15:37:57

No you are just prohibited from doing PSPs.Freepay again.


21-09-2006 15:38:22

no another psp.

You can do any site in the freepay network except psps, since you already signed up.


21-09-2006 15:41:31

That's cool! But just to make sure.....if I did blockbuster on psps then I can't do it on any other site (freepay or otherwise) correct?


21-09-2006 16:09:42



21-09-2006 16:22:45

Thanks to all of you for all your help

unknown uchiha

21-09-2006 18:30:03

No problem, good luck on getting that PSP =D