Hey, i had a question about sites crediting!

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17-09-2006 15:04:38

Hello, my name is cameron and i got a question! Does anyone have a list of sites that credit offers on weekends and which sites dont, or if there are any sites that credit offers on weekends! If there is not a list maybe I could start one! Let me no!



17-09-2006 15:22:08

When you do an offer, the data gets sent to the freebie site, thus usually crediting by itself on ANY day of the week.

Some sites the administrators credit everyone manually, but usually it's all automatic, and on any day of the week. ;)


17-09-2006 15:26:30

does trainn credit manually, and do the credit on weekends


17-09-2006 15:30:00

My understanding is that after you complete the offer the advertiser gives the freesite a list of users that have completed the offer and then the freesite (if it has automatic crediting, which most do) will credit those users with the completion. If they don't have automatic crediting then it's up to the site to do that (whenever they work). Some advertisers don't get back freesite during the weekend. There are a few variables involved so there isn't a general answer.