Help Is There Any Sites Like paypal..?

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16-09-2006 18:47:58

i signed up with paypal but i need a bank account and i dont have one is there a nother way to get payed for doing offers..?

unknown uchiha

16-09-2006 19:06:00

How are you paying for the offers, via credit card? Or do you not have one? You're 20, a bank account is a necessity.

There are other payment processors such as Stormpay, Firepay, Neteller, E-Gold, etc. but the most widely used payment processor for swapping freebies is Paypal.


16-09-2006 19:09:45

ok thanks

no i use a priva cash card it is a pre-paid c-c

unknown uchiha

16-09-2006 19:12:39

Oh I see. Do you have any bank account at all? One that your parents set up for you, etc? Because if not, how have you cashed checks and stuff?


16-09-2006 19:40:14

could there be a scandal unfolding as to the truth of someones profile...Maybe wink


16-09-2006 20:16:45

[quote3b095cb14f="Tsmith10803"]could there be a scandal unfolding as to the truth of someones profile...Maybe wink[/quote3b095cb14f]

Could you be trying to start something contreversial i ntrun making your self look like a deusche? Maybe. wink

As to answering the question, the only one that most people are using now are ePassportem they give you a Virtual Visa and what not, however it does not always work. You can pay someone to sennd you a gift account which doesnt require a CC or bank account!


16-09-2006 20:56:46

you can get a free checking account from most banks if not all. You even get a debit card, thus verifying your paypal account. D