YourPS34Free changes...Can't change reward

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16-09-2006 01:49:25

Before the changes that were made to the website, I had selected the Gold package. Now when I go to try and change my gift, it displays nothing else on the page under "Availible gifts" so I'm unable to select or even browse the other rewards.

I am curious if this is because it will benefit me to lock my current gift choice with the requirement of 14 referrals, or if it is benificial for Trainn, if they have lowered the requirement since the site change...? Or is it simply just a bug, or something they overlooked in the site overhaul in dealing with existing users...?

If anyone who just recently joined YourPS34Free (I'm unsure of when exactly they changed it) can tell me what the current requirements are for each gift I would appreciate it!


16-09-2006 07:37:27

I just logged in and changed my gift so maybe it's your account that probably has the issue. Try sending in a support ticket.


16-09-2006 13:16:41

Hmm...curious. Is your account older? OR did you just recently sign up?