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14-09-2006 12:00:11

I'm looking for the phone number of customer service at We recently signed up with them, got the confirmation page. But no account debit or confirmation email. Unable to log into the site with the email we used to sign up. Obviously, I want to check if they got my signup or not. I've googled everywhere and nada. Help is appreciated.


14-09-2006 12:32:22



14-09-2006 20:08:52

Yah... submitted the help email already, thanks. Looking for the phone number.


15-09-2006 14:01:11

could it be possible they dont have one, the only way to contact them is by e-mail.

[quote754437d355]Contact Customer Service By E-mail

You may contact Customer Service via e-mail 24 hours per day to handle any requests. To have your questions answered quickly and efficiently, please select the subject of your request in the dropdown menu on the Customer Service form.