TIME Factor Address?

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07-09-2006 14:35:20

What is the return address for time factor, i need to look through my mailing confirmations, but dont know what their return address is and they wont answer any calls.


07-09-2006 14:40:47

Time Factor
Attn Returns Dept.
2060 E. Francis Street
Ontario, CA 91761


07-09-2006 14:59:30



07-09-2006 17:48:28

not a problem!


09-09-2006 13:28:32

Good luck.
My mm broke out because I gave the Time Factor shit to her. Then I go to return it...takes 2 weeks for me to get thru, finally when I do, they tell me just ship it back to the address it was sent from. So I did that within 3 days. Called them with my tracking number and now they are refuding to give me my money back stating its been over 45 days.

I was NEVER told of a 45 day return policy they had....

Note I have already accepted this loss of money as a price for freebies....I knew something like this would happen eventually. So, it pisses me off, but its an acceptable loss...next time I plan on reading the TOC better..lol.

Learn from me people...TIME FACTOR SUCKS, and sometime in your freebie career your gonna get screwed outa some money...but freebies are still worth it.


09-09-2006 19:08:41

Yeah, good luck with this one. I heard they are Bitches.


10-09-2006 19:01:59

yeah they suck hard ass... i sent everything back months ago and never got a refund for the 90 bucks they owe me. really not worth the time to deal with it so just keep the stuff they sent you. might as well save some money on the shipping charges to send it back to them.