Smartphone availability?

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05-09-2006 22:48:21

I'm not sure if this is where I'm to post this, so please accept my apologies if I'm out of line.

I'm simply looking to come by a new smartphone -- I'm in school, and don't have a bunch of money, so thought I'd take a look at this route. I'm looking at the Motorola Q, or Verizon XV6700, or some such device, and preferably looking to complete the offers without having to sign up for satellite television! )

Again, I'm sorry if I've misposted, I'll be greatly appreciative of any help that anyone can give a newcomer such as myself.

In all, Peace,

unknown uchiha

05-09-2006 23:39:47

Hm, you might want to try

DIY.YourGiftsFree (Do all the offers yourself)
Any other YourGiftsFree site (Custom order, get referrals)
OrderCells4Free (Don't recommend though)

Good luck!


06-09-2006 07:12:34

If you wanna do a yourgiftsfree site, shoot me a PM for a link