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01-09-2006 19:32:04

help anyone?
see this is what i did
first off, i signed up under my ref (TFOAF) and then i went on to complete gate.com offer. i clicked on the link above the gate.com offer and it brought me to another page where i had to verify my information for getrewardz (put in my username and ref number etc) and then i completed gate.com after i completed the offer i clicked the link for 10 rebate twice and then my offers showed up twice (it said i had done it again) now a total of 3 times...bug?

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01-09-2006 19:36:21

wait lemme see if i get the problem

the offer picture isnt appearing so you cant access any offers?


01-09-2006 19:43:17

No. He completed the offer once. I know he only did it once. And it comes up three times, aka, clicking the "I completed this offer" three times, which isn't possible, because it becomes disabled once clicked.


01-09-2006 19:47:22

so then shouldnt have getrewardz known he completed the offer after he clicked it the first time?


01-09-2006 19:52:40

...It's a bug in the script. We've just confirmed it with support.


01-09-2006 20:14:26

He just hit refresh twice after, its because he is refreshing POST DATA. ANyways just chill, they aren't going to ban you for it.


01-09-2006 20:21:55

haha talked 2 support...should be fixed YAY! thanks!


07-09-2006 01:41:32

It happens sometimes.