sprint phones?

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25-08-2006 17:08:56

ive been searching around on ebay for a while, but nobody seems to grasp the concept of not bidding on something until the last hours or so of the auction. people bid up phones like 40-50 bucks 3 days before the auction even ends. anyway, sprint phones are so goddamn expensive, and i only have 1 yr on my contract left before i switch companies, so i was wondering if anyone knows where i can get a decent phone fast/cheap. maybe a diy?



25-08-2006 20:40:44

Well I happen to have an A920 lying around P new of course.


25-08-2006 21:14:33

id give you like 60 bones for it, but im sure you could fetch much more on ebay

lol, im trying to get out of sprint. so i just need a better phone to use for this year.