EDIT: traxio is closing down will i get my gift? (stv 8/1)

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25-08-2006 14:55:05

I did ipods.traxio and i was approved on 7/29. I have been waiting forever for my ipod. I am getting sick of their shitty customer support. They are never online. Has anyone ever had an experience like this before? This sucks bawls!

How long till I get my 30gb ipod? Will I still get it?


25-08-2006 17:00:13

I have $400+ paypal Pending, will I ever see that?? Maybe Wadson can help us?


25-08-2006 17:24:51

is he on fig? I talked to him on aim the other day and he said that there was a mass shipment going out this week, never heard anything else though. I dont know whats going on....400..thats too bad. You better get your money.


26-08-2006 08:54:47

yeah that blows good luck guys (


27-08-2006 20:04:23

I highly doubt we will get anything. I have sen Mike numerous messages, support tickets ect all of which he has ignored. I have been STV since August 8th...


29-08-2006 22:04:12

Sorry to say to you all but you will prolly not be receving your gifts from that site. The owner Mike Ellis said he lost alot of money, i dont know through what but he said he did. He says if he pays everybody me might end up living on the street. It just seems to be like this guy is a crook . He is the same person that stole from Free4me Peter and Peter fired him and he created a site of his own.


29-08-2006 22:22:39

umm... If I were in his position, I would do the same thing.