Can't get my avatar to work properly

Live forum:


23-08-2006 02:18:26

When I try to upload an image, or from a direct link to an image my avatar never comes up.

Help please.


23-08-2006 10:33:07

I think its beautiful -)


23-08-2006 15:05:49

u may have html turned off
click on profile
go down to where all the open circles are..
turn on signatures
turn on html
turn on bbl code

i guess it is really always allow but u know what i mean )


23-08-2006 19:09:00

I don't know why turning on BBCode or HTML would have a difference, except on sigs. This is his AV.

Tigershark, have you tried upping the image specifically to imageshack?


23-08-2006 19:34:26

oh lol
i should read
another thing to think about is if u are hosting the image on a site like geocities you may reach your bandwidth limit