Paying for refs question...

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21-08-2006 22:13:05

Is it unreasonable to pay after the ref or account has been verified? I paid someone before verification and they ended up running with the money and leaving me a nice red...This is mostly for traders under 5 or 10 positive trades...Thanks


22-08-2006 02:02:02

If they agree, I don't see why not?


22-08-2006 04:22:22

It's reasonable as long as the other party agrees.


22-08-2006 05:48:06

Yeah, it's something you can work out between yourselves. Just make sure they understand and agree to it -- don't pull it after they've gone green and expect their green/money in return.

Also keep in mind that unless this is one of your last greens and you're very close to ordering, most people probably won't agree to wait that long to get their green/money.