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11-08-2006 08:29:32

has anyone done this offer?
seems like a good cause. not sure how much it costs. it is tax deductable. any thoughts?
i saw this on 11rewards.


13-08-2006 20:01:29

I did this offer a while back for OrderCash4Free. I decided to keep it for a while because I thought it was pretty cool. I sponsored a girl called Delia from Columbia for about $18 US / month. I know it costs a little more than some other offers but personally, I'd much rather support this organization than order weird hair goo.


22-08-2006 04:55:56

yeah i did this offer too and its a good one to keep. Ive kept it so far and its only costed me 18 per month. I just recieved a letter from the boy that im sponsoring.