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08-08-2006 16:39:20

OKay here is the deal

So my burning drives and my hard drive was shot so i sent my computer in to a repair shop (i had a circucit city service plan) and they replaced my hard drive for me. One problem

WHen i was at school they GAVE me anti virus software but since I have a new hd, i do not have any for the remainder of the summer. I do not want to purchase any because when i go back to school on the 26, ill get it free again. I just need some virus protection for my laptop until I go back to school. Any programs that you could send me would be great (if possible) or any safe sites that i could download from would be helpful. Thanks


08-08-2006 16:40:13

AVG Free[=http//free.grisoft.com]AVG Free. As good or better than anything you can buy. ;)


08-08-2006 16:49:54

and will that give me full protection until I go to school?


08-08-2006 17:29:03

Of course it will -- like I said, better than what you can buy. When I work on client PC's, I'm always ripping out that Norton & McAfee crap they paid for, or that came with their PC, and replacing it with AVG. It not only gives them as good or better protection, but their systems run WAY better.


08-08-2006 17:30:25

I agree with dmorris.


08-08-2006 17:50:55

awesome i downloaded it and ran some scanns and everything looked good. Thanks for all your help, my computer is now protected. +k for the both of yas


08-08-2006 19:05:33

i forgot about this program. it rocks ) gonna install it tomorrow. also note that u should be able to get free AV after rebate this time of year. norton, mcaffee, etc but why worry about rebates when u can get avg!


08-08-2006 19:10:11

Agreed with Dmorris as well, One of clients purchased a year worth of mcaffee, I got him to get a refund, and installed AVG. Norton is terrible as well, I was actually unable to search networked computers with it running.